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Sword of the Stranger ~Chinen Yuri, Nagase Tomoya Interviews~

- Updated -

- 2nd Update: broken MF links are fixed -

When I first got into HSJ Chinen seemed kind of familiar from the very start. But I couldn't remember where I've seen him before at all. Until I re-watched the anime-movie Sword of the Stranger and was like "That's Chii's voice!!" And then I remembered: There were interviews with the voice actors and the premiere event on the Bonus material DVD. I put the DVD in - and there he was~ Chibi-Chii. :D

I wasn't much into Tokio so I only realized later that the voice actor of the other main char was Nagase Tomoya.^^°
And then I also understood why there were so many screaming girls in the audience at the premiere event. xD Back then I was like: "Heh~ there are so many girls watching an action anime movie~" xD

Since I haven't seen it uploaded anywhere yet, I thought I could as well share it myself.^___^


Nagase and Chinen in their characters cosplay.^___^

This is too cute~ Because Chii is embarrassed 'cause he stumbled over his words, Nagase motivates the fangirls to go "kyaa~" Such a nice senpai. :D

Chii voice acting~

Nagase voice acting~

During the interview Chii kept petting that huge plush doggie.^___^

Download MU: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Download MF: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Join files with HJ-Split~

If someone wants to sub this, feel free to do so. Just please credit where you got the raw. :)
I might be able to upload it with German subs. If someone wants it ger subbed, just ask and I'll see if I can do it.^^

Please comment when taking~

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