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a NEWS fan who dabbles in fansubbing
31st-Jan-2017 05:28 pm - Kirawareru Yuuki Episode 1 [Eng Sub]
Hey guys,

I'm subbing Shige's new drama Kirawareru Yuuki. It's my first time subbing anything longer than 15 minutes, so I'm not the fastest, but I'll try not to take ages. I am also still learning japanese myself and using this as a way to study. So I'm not going to rule out inaccuracies in the translation. If you notice anything major don't hesitate to call me out on it lol

Anyways, the subs are available for download over at d-addicts. I am using the japanese subtitles provided by jpnsubbers. I have timed them to the raws provided by koyashigedake and jdramacity. Big thanks to all of you!

- Updated -

- 2nd Update: broken MF links are fixed -

When I first got into HSJ Chinen seemed kind of familiar from the very start. But I couldn't remember where I've seen him before at all. Until I re-watched the anime-movie Sword of the Stranger and was like "That's Chii's voice!!" And then I remembered: There were interviews with the voice actors and the premiere event on the Bonus material DVD. I put the DVD in - and there he was~ Chibi-Chii. :D

I wasn't much into Tokio so I only realized later that the voice actor of the other main char was Nagase Tomoya.^^°
And then I also understood why there were so many screaming girls in the audience at the premiere event. xD Back then I was like: "Heh~ there are so many girls watching an action anime movie~" xD

Since I haven't seen it uploaded anywhere yet, I thought I could as well share it myself.^___^

Screenshots and Download Links under the cut~Collapse )

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